Having vanquished the guard spiders, our heroes continued to explore the rows of cells. One of the hallways eventually opened into what looked like an ancient torture chamber, littered with the rusted tools of the trade. As the party gingerly stepped into the room, unsure of what they would find, Thark began to moan, and then to yell. He burst through the room and down a side hall yelling in distress. Concerned and confused, Queck and Kevin ran after him.

The remainder of the party stayed where they were. There was another cell in the room, and it was occupied by a creature like nothing they had yet encountered. As they approached, it gabbled at them and bit at the iron bars. Unable to understand any of what it was shrieking at them, they followed Thark and Queck.

The short hallway opened out into a room with large a fountain in the middle. Thark was sitting in the fountain, still breathing heavily, with Kevin making soothing bird noises as she butted her head against Thark’s shoulder. Queck was eyeing the water in the fountain curiously. She reached down and brought of handful of water to her mouth. She drank and felt somehow restored. Kevin, intrigued buy her master’s sudden vigor, ducked her beak into the fountain to take a drink.

Nigel filled his flasks with water from the fountain. The others suggested giving some of the water to the creature in the cell. Perhaps it would calm him or make him more intelligible. They trooped back to the torture room, leaving Thark and Queck at the fountain. Nigel approached the creature, offering bread. He poured some water into his hands and attempted to sprinkle it over the creature, but his approach only made it more agitated. They concluded that there was nothing to be learned from this thing, and they might as well just leave it where it is and continue exploring.

They called to Thark and Queck that they were going to move on, but Thark stubbornly refused to re-enter the torture room. Queck told him to close his eyes, and place his hand on her head and she would lead him through the room. Thark agreed. With their barbarian’s eyes tightly shut, the group approached another door at the other end of the torture room. It was locked, but Thark easily shoved it open.

There was nothing beyond but another abandoned torture chamber and long hallway. Queck nudged Thark and told him it was okay to open his eyes now. He hesitantly obeyed, and seeing nothing to trigger his anxieties, began down the hall, the rest following.

The corridor ended at a massive room, with evenly spaced columns and a statue of a woman holding a ranseur in the center. Along one wall ran a now-empty grotto. Close to the statue sat a large crab-like creature. The party immediately readied their weapons and slowly entered the room. Lester, Nigel, and Kevin snuck forward, quiet and stealthy. Queck attempted to follow, but tripped on an uneven bit of ground and tripped, rattling, alerting the crab to their presence. As she fell, she noticed something—a pouch—hanging from one of its legs. Interesting.

The crab turned to face them, and Lester immediately loosed two shots, hitting in square on. Kevin rushed forward to snap at its legs, and it scuttled backwards. It reached a column and began to climb, getting thirty or so feet into the air before pausing. Lester, Knarra, and Kenzo let fly with arrow, acid dart, and shurriken, and Lester’s shot found its mark. The crab tumbles from the column, dead.

Queck rushed forward to snatch the pouch from its prone form. It was full of stones, and something else. Queck dumped the rocks to the floor and pulled from the pouch another bracer exactly like the one she’d taken from the mite king. She pulled out the original bracer and immediately tried them on. Oddly enough they fit, perfectly.

Fitted with her shiny new armor, Queck explored the room. She called to the others from the grotto—there was a secret passage! The rest of the party hurried over and began to make their way down the passage. It ended quickly enough, and at the other end—six skeletons. The creatures lunge fro Queck, but miss. Trapped in the narrow passage with no way to attack, Lester, Knarra, and Kenzo backed up until they were once again in the grotto. Queck struck a skeleton with her sickle and then began to retreat down the passage, followed by Thark, who joined the others in the grotto.

The skeletons moved into the passage, savagely attacking Queck and Kevin. The two beat a hasty retreat back to the rest of the party, followed by the skeletons. Kenzo moved forward so that he and Thark could take down the skeletons one by one as they entered.

Thark smashed, Kenzo pummeled, and the skeletons went down. The rest of the party looked on. Lester, in an attempt to strike fear into the skeletons’ bones, summoned the ghostly sound of the cleric praying. Knarra, Queck, and Nigel let loose darts and sling bullets, but missed. Thark, almost lazily, continued to strike down each skeleton as it came down the passage. Eventually the rest of the group realized it was best to let him handle it. With a final roar and smash, Thark crushed the final skeleton into powder.

They headed back down the passage, and through a door in the skeleton room to another passage way that lead, eventually, to a large kitchen. There were ovens against one wall, and other kitchen accouterments along the others.

Nigel approached one of the ovens, and tossed a lit torch into it. There came a crackling sound and pained scrabbling. As it died down, Nigel peered into the oven. It was full of dead and dying centipedes, set on fire by his torch. He hurriedly threw a second torch into the other oven, and again there came crackling and scratching. Gross.

Finding nothing more of interest in the kitchen, they head back the way they came, eventually returning to the barracks where there had been another passage. They head downstairs.

The stairs end at another hallway leading to a large room. The floor is covered in slime, and sitting, as in wait, is giant slug-like creature.

Lester cast daze at the thing, but it failed. The slug oozed forward and slimed Thark. He shrieks as its acid begins to eat through his skin.

Nigel aimed a crossbow bolt at it and it hits. Knarra searched her vast store of knowledge for any information on this creature, and informed the group that it is a slug from hell.

Kevin moved forward to bite the hated creature, and Queck summoned a hyena to join the fight. Knarra hit it with a burning hands spell but did no damage.

Thark raged. He began howling in a strange language and as his howls increased in volume and cadence, an eerie presence began to coalesce around him.

Having no time to figure out what the hell was going on, the party continued to attack. Lester hit it twice with arrows and it emitted a squelching yowl. It dived again for Thark and nearly swallowed him whole. He staggered. Nigel shouted and pushed forward, attempting to pass some of the healing water from the fountain to Thark. As he moved, the slug attacked and Nigel was lain low. Thark grabbed the water, chugged it, and regained his footing.

Queck cast a spell to cure Thark’s wounds. Kevin darted forward and landed one final blow on the creepy slug. It gurgled, and died.

Exhausted, they retreated back to the kitchen to bake cakes and recuperate.

Lots and Lots of Spiders

Having been victorious over the self-styled mite king, our heroes ventured ever onward. Weapons at the ready, they headed farther down the Crow.

They entered a room, surprising even more mites and spiders. Nigel immediately took a shot at the creatures, as one of the mites muttered a spell towards Thark, who was suddenly overcome with unwarranted fear. Kenzo entered the fray behind the cowering half-orc, and crushed the skull of one of the spiders as Lester loosed an arrow towards one of the mites. The mite fell, gurgling at the arrow protruding from its throat.

Recovered from his sudden cowardice, Thark bellowed and splattered a second mite into the ground. Keeping to back of the party, Knarra loaded up an acid dart. Taking careful aim through the fray, she let it fly, critically injuring another mite.

Filled with the bloodlust born of the crushing of skulls, Kenzo attacked in a flurry of blows. He overbalanced as he flailed towards a spider, tripped, and fell to the ground. Sensing an opportunity, the remaining mite attempted to flee atop one of the spiders. As they rushed past, Kevin snapped off one of the spider’s heads. The mite screeched at the remaining spider before he dashed down a narrow hall and out of sight. The spider turned back towards the party, sinking its mandibles into Kenzo, leaving him poisoned and woozy. Knarra launched another acid dart at the pathetic creature, and it collapsed with barely a sound.

Determined to hunt down the remaining mite, the party rushed down the hallway that it had taken. The passage branched. The avenue to their side was full of webbing, and Queck could tell they were recent. The spiders, and most likely their mite masters, spent considerable time there. They proceeded more slowly through the webs, and very soon the passage opened into a giant cavern filled with even more webs, as well as a few dead albino crickets. They spotted another spider through the gloom and readied their weapons. Was there no end to these vermin? And where was the mite?

Nigel loosed a bolt towards the spider, but missed. The clatter of the arrow drew other spiders from the webs. Kevin rushed towards them, but timed her strike poorly. As Queck skirted the fray, Lester launched into song. It was another of his filthy ditties (did the lad know nothing else?), but the party felt strengthened. With renewed vigor, they continued to attack the blasted arachnids.

Knarra laid one low with a masterful color spray, and Nigel managed to hit one with another arrow. Kenzo shouted and punched through a spider’s carapace, howling with glee as he felt its exoskeleton give beneath his fists. Lester and Knarra loosed more arrows as Nigel unholstered his trident. He and Kenzo made quick work of another of the spiders. Only one remained, now, but it was no match for Thark’s Bludgeoner.

Surveying the damage, the party suddenly realized how exhausted they were. They agreed that hunting the final mite in their current condition might not end well, as they knew little of what lay before them, and what they did know suggested it would be more battles and bugs. They returned to the cavern where they’d slain the king mite to camp for the night and replenish their spells. Lester used his wand of Cure Light Wounds to take care of some of the damage from the day’s fights, and, finally, they slept.

They woke, not exactly refreshed, but at least rested. Time to continue the hunt for the mite and shard.

They returned below to where the passage branched, and took the un-webbed turn this time. Eventually, it led to what looked like a row of prison cells, opening to the left and the right. The party turned towards the right hand row of cells. Materializing as if from the cavern wall itself were more spiders. Where did they keep coming from, the blasted creatures?

Upon seeing the intruders, the spiders rushed forward. One got a lucky bite on Kenzo, who staggered, poisoned. Another sank a mandible into Thark who roared in pain and annoyance. While the others took the brunt of the attack, Knarra summoned a dire rat to even the odds.

Kenzo, running to the aid of his companions, aimed a blow at a spider. He failed to notice an uneven bit of stone and caught his foot just as he let fly with his punch. His fist took Queck in the back of the head. Stars exploded in front of her eyes. That goddamned monk could punch, though it would be even better if he could aim.

Shaking her head to clear the pain, Queck took out her rage on the nearest spider, aiming her sickle at its creepy eyes. Lester and Kevin teamed up, taking out another of the spiders.

Then Thark re-entered the battle. Still pissed at being bitten, he laid about with his club and tusks, smashing and biting and roaring. Nigel took a bite on his leg as Knarra missed a shot with her crossbow.

Kenzo, having recovered his balance, smashed the final spider into dust.

Down and Down We Go
Killing Lots of Shit in the Crow

We last left our heroes struggling to come to terms with the brutality displayed by Thark in his rage. They still had a shard to find, however, and their quest took precedence over any lingering shock they might be feeling. Without their prisoner, they were left on their own to decipher the puzzle by which the two main doors might be unlocked.

In a stroke of utter brilliance, Knarra untangled the righthand door’s key phrase: “The eyes” became “they see”. Spurred on by Knarra’s discovery, Queck was quick to realize that “listen” anagramed to “silent”. She tapped the letters and they rearranged. She was so excited she barely noticed the burn from the infernal doors. Knarra rearranged “the eyes” and the doors swung open. They were through. Surely something epic lurked behind these doors.

Having learned from past rash actions, they crept forward. Bat shit was everywhere. They made their way around a corner and were confronted with a curious sight: some sort of underground lake had surged through the ground here, and on either side of it sat a gelatinous creature, baffling and hideous. They were slightly transparent and within could be seen bones and other detritus pulled up into the creatures as they oozed along the cavern floor. Unsure of what sort of threat these creatures posed, the party readied their weapons, but their unease was unfounded. The blobs were dispatched easily and with no untoward side effects. A few well-aimed missiles and a smash and bite from Thark and Kevin made quick work of the creatures, who made neither sound nor protest as their insides glooped onto the ground.

Their enemies dispatched, the crew surveyed their options. There were two passageways apart from the one they had come from, and with her keen senses, Queck discovered a third small passage hewn into one of the walls. Which way to go? Lester picked the hidden passage over Kenzo’s protestations that they should take the stairs downward.

Queck was first into the passage, Kevin not far behind. The others squeezed in behind her, Thark grunting uncomfortably at the compression of his massive frame. Though narrow, the passage wasn’t long, and Queck soon saw the opening at the other end. It led to another small chamber. At the back was a pool of water, and in front of the water, two large spiders dined on a disturbing repast of dead dolphin.

One of the spiders heard them, and scuttled towards the opening, clacking its mandibles in annoyance at having its meal interrupted. Trapped in the narrow passageway, the group found it difficult to organize themselves into fighting formation. Queck stepped through and past the spider, giving Kevin an opening. Knarra fired an arrow over their heads as Thark bellowed in frustration. Sick of being trapped when there were monsters to smash, Thark surged forward, bowling the spider over and pushing it back from the opening. The rest of the party piled into the chamber as the second spider joined the fray.

Now that they had room to maneuver, they dealt with the eight-legged fiends quickly. Finding nothing but bones and dead fish in the chamber, they squeezed back the way they came.

Kenzo again insisted that they should take the stairs. The rest of the party ignored him and headed down the opposite corridor. It led to nothing but more bat shit. Kenzo muttered an “I told you so” that everyone else ignored.

With every other avenue exhausted, they finally headed towards the stairway. Nigel, happily munching on his bread, offered a piece to Knarra, but was rebuffed with a sharp slap to the face. This was not the time for picnic lunches.

They had barely set foot on the stairs when Queck noticed something odd about one of the walls. Another secret passageway. Sure that this had to hide something of worth, she dashed down the revealed corridor, the rest of the party in tow.

The passage brought them to an opening only slightly above sea level. A thin wooden beam stretched out over open air, leading to a bucket suspended from a rope. Lester leapt onto the beam, bowed to his audience, and, with a nimble flip, was on his hands, walking across the beam. It creaked slightly, but held. He reached the bucket only to find nothing but dead bats inside. Queck called for Lester to toss a bat back to her, and the youth obliged before turning to make his way back over the beam.

As he strode across, the beam gave an ominous groan. He picked up speed as he felt it shift worryingly under his weight. With an enormous crack, it splintered, throwing Lester forward to scrabble for a handhold at the lip of the cliff where the rest of the party waited. Thark heaved him back onto solid ground, and the bard was saved.

Barely shaken by his brush with death, Lester led the way back to the stairwell. As they approached the opening to the secret passage, Queck held up a hand. She’d heard a cough. Something was waiting for them in the stairs.

The company charged, taking their opponent completely by surprise. He was small and blue-skinned—a blue dwarf. Could this creature be behind the disappearances plaguing the wharf?

Caught off guard, the blue dwarfie put up a pitiful fight and was soon knocked to the ground, bleeding out from his wounds. Queck recognized him for a mite, a hereditary enemy of her people. Her desire to smash his face in warred with her desire for the reward offered by the garrison for information regarding the disappearances, information that the hideous mite could provide. She sided with her greed and stabilized the creature, hoping that the Crow would offer more mites for her to slaughter. Thark picked up the unconscious creature and they continued down the stairs.

After trudging downwards for what felt like hours, the stairs opened out into a vast, dirt covered chamber, with another room beyond. The group crossed the room and approached the second chamber cautiously. It too was filled with dirt, some piled into massive mounds. Their movement into the room was mirrored by one of the mounds, which shivered and shed dirt as one of its residents appeared—a giant ant.

The party moved to the center of the room to greet the new foe. Lester pulled out a container of lantern oil and attempted to lob it at the insect to set it aflame, but his throw fell short and the oil pooled at their feet.

Closing in, the crew made quick work of the ant. As it stumbled to the ground, its exoskeleton split from head to abdomen, Kevin crowed in triumph. A rumble from one of the other mounds answered her. The party whipped around to see another large ant emerging from the dirt at their backs.

They quickly dispatched the second ant, but Kevin’s crowing attracted more from each of the other mounds in the room. Two more ants emerged, angry at the slaughter of their siblings.

Surging forward, Kenzo released a flurry of blows at one of the insects, crushing its thorax and tossing it to the ground. Thark smashed in the head of the final ant. They each stayed on their guard, waiting for more ants to appear, but it seemed that either there were no more, or the denizens of the chamber had learned it was better not to tussle with these intruders.

Leaving their weapons unsheathed and at the ready, the company explored the room. There was only one other obvious exit other than the way they had come, but that meant little in a place as riddled with secret passages as this. Sure enough, careful scrutiny of the far wall revealed an opening.

The company proceeded through, stopping just outside the entrance to another small room. Quietly, Queck indicated that she had seen something up ahead. Gripping their weapons with greater purpose, they filed forward.

A massive spider took up most of the room in the chamber. Stupefied by the size of the creature, the company paused. Ever quick on his feet, Lester threw a second container of lantern oil, and this time he made his mark. The container smashed against the spider’s carapace, drenching it in oil. Kenzo and Nigel both threw their torches, and Kenzo’s caught the spider in the head, setting the creature ablaze. It let out a chittering screech. Thark rushed forward and rammed his tusks at the spider’s multifaceted eyes, gouging a chunk out of its head. Having already sustained damage from the fire, the spider shuddered and died.

Sensing an opportunity for profit, Lester suggested harvesting the spider’s poison sacs. Very delicately, Queck extracted one, but had nowhere safe to hold the poison. The group turned to Nigel and his many clanking flasks. Unable to resist a chance to haggle and argue and generally be a nuisance, Nigel pulled out a flask and attempted to bargain with Queck. Annoyed and ready to move on, she snatched the flask out of Nigel’s hand and squeezed the poison into it, promising to pay him later.

The poison safely stowed, the group discovered yet another secret passageway. Peering through, they saw several more of the blue dwarfies. Filled with racist ire, Queck and Kevin charged down the passage, ready for slaughter. Attempting a two-pronged attack, Lester backtracked to the room where they’d battled the ants, and hurried down a second passage way to the room with the blue dwarfies. Knarra let fly with her acid darts, critically wounding one of the mites. Thark and Kenzo took down several others. The remaining two mites realized the hopelessness of their situation and attempted to escape past Queck and Kevin. As they tried to duck past her, Kevin darted her head out and savaged one of the mites with her beak. She whipped around and snapped the second mite’s head off at the neck.

The room cleared of mites, the troop headed back to the chamber with the charred spider carcass, and continued to the left down another corridor, which opened into a large hall. At the back of the room, a large mite wearing a bracer as a crown sat atop a goblin skull. He gabbled in surprise as they entered his hall. As they approached, he continued to chatter at them in Undercommon, but none of the party could understand a word of what he said. Lester attempted a question or two, but neither understood the other. Queck, having no patience for negotiation with a member of a hated species, dashed forward. Kevin beat her to the mite and began snapping at the creature. Knarra released a quick volley of crossbow fire and finished the mite off.

July 30th

A: Sold shit in town
B: Bought a Wand of Cure Light Wounds
C: Entered the tower again
D: Discovered the open window where the tower girls were dumping the corpses of their fallen
E: Encountered two Donkeyrats and quickly killed them
F: Found two casks of Whiskey, and some boxes of spices
G: Queck gave both Kenzo and Lester a cask
H: Discovered a phallic shaped room with a double door protected by magic. The doors had the words “Listen” and “The Eyes” on them.
I: Lester stealthfully moved to another door and found the leader a Tower Girls Sergeant, a donkey rat, and another Tower Girl arguing with each other.
J: Queck and her Axebeak Kevin charged into the room and quickly dispatched the Donkeyrat.
K: Kenzo and Thark went into the room, Thark having gone Super Saiyan.
L: Kenzo hit the Sergeant Tower Girl in the shoulder with his silvered axe, just before Thark crushed her into the ground with his flail.
M: The other tower girl quickly surrendered after seeing her leader killed so quickly before her eyes.
N: Sadly, Thark was still in a mad rage and charged the captive Tower Girl, grabbing her and feeling her skull crunch in his jaws.
O: Thark then charged the magical doors, pounding on them before the pain of the magical ward snapped him out of his rage.
P: The remainder of the group discovered a secret room and Lester found a pendant that he then donned.

The Few versus The Many

The group made their way across the open chasm to the platform and found a hidden trap door that led upwards to a previously unknown area. As the group climbed into the corridor above the platform, Nigel informed the group he would be staying behind. The group tried to get him to cross over to the platform and join them, but Nigel wouldn’t budge on the issue. With a collective sigh, the remaining four members of the party moved on and soon came upon more of the Tower Girls. Lester used his spell Ghost Sounds in an attempt to make their party sound larger and help Thark in his attempt to intimidate the enemy, but to no avail.

This failure caused Thark to go into a rage as he then ran into the room to attack the enemies he saw before him. Closing the distance quickly, Thark slammed his flail into one of the large rats, decimating the creature and sending body parts flying everywhere in a spray of blood. At this point, the error in his actions was discovered, as the two remaining visible enemies quickly became ten. The Tower girls had Thark surrounded.

Kenzo jumped into the fray in an effort to help Thark, but was too far away so only managed to close the distance a bit. “Soon,” he probably thought just before a crossbow bolt from one of the Tower Girls in the far corner critically injured him and sent him collapsing to the floor.

Queck was next into the fray, sending her axebeak companion Kevin into battle. Kevin and Thark stood toe to toe and trading blows with several of the Tower Girls.

Discovery of the Tower

The group has found one of the seven shards of Sihedron, a long lost relic. Thark saw a vision of a large stone tower rising up from a body of water. The group’s newest addition, Nigel, knew where this tower was and helped direct the group to the location, one of the pilings for the Irespan that the locals call the Crow. Unfortunately, as the group embarked for the tower, Knarra began to feel ill and had to seek help before venturing to the tower. She let everyone know she’d meet back up as soon as she was able.

The remainder of the group bid farewell to Knarra and took their newly acquired boat to the tower and moored it alongside the base. Upon exploration of the tower, the group encountered a group of bandits known as The Tower Girls, some of whom were also wererats (only vulnerable to silver when in rat form). After attacking and defeating the first group of three hostiles, the campaign came to a pause.

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