The Fungi

Moving further into the room, our crew finds a large trap. Lester suggests following the cavern to the right and everyone obliges. The ground in the cavern is slimy and there are four Troglodytes arguing. They are absorbed and don’t notice us approaching so we decided on a surprise attack. Knarra strikes one with an arrow. Lester casts a spell that puts another to sleep. The others move into the cavern. Kevin bites and kills one of them. The third dude runs attempting to escape down a narrow passage. Kenzo follows him and grapples him, but quickly begins to vomit as he gets closer to the creature. Kenzo loses his control over the Troglodyte and it escapes down the passage. Lester hits #3 with an arrow. Nigel shoots wildly, narrowly missing Kevin’s ass. Thark crushes #3 and Queck ties up #1. The group having gained control over the remaining Troglodytes begin to question them for information. We learn that Ogelar is their leader who has shinies and we learn the layout of the caverns and are warned of the Fungi and shrine that lie beyond Mushfens. We form a single file line and proceed through the narrow passage. At the end of the passage is a chamber with a giant crocodile. The chamber is covered in blood with a horrible stench. Agile, a smaller crocodile is there with three troglodytes. Knarra begins the attack and uses her magic missile to strike the giant crocodile and Uggilo. Nigel strikes as well. Thark moves forward. A spiritual hammer appears as if from no where and attacks Knarra. Then the giant crocodile approaches and attacks. Thankfully both miss. Thark is surrounded by troglodytes and Uggilo. Quick crawls out from the corridor and provokes an attack of opportunity which were failures. Quick bites the troglodyte #1 and kills it. Knarra summons a dire rat but it misses. Lester swings and misses his attack. Then in desperation he attempts to bite it and misses. His spirit totems do affect the troglodytes but only do minimal damage. Agile is attacked and hit pretty hard leaving Thark grasping for life. Lester sings a song about a banana and it was so motivating to the group that everyone in the party grew stronger. Keno used flurry of blows and hit some. Queck summoned flame and burned the giant croc. Kevin bit and killed him! Knarra uses her bow and hits one of the troglodytes surrounding Thark. The dire rat misses. Nigel kills Knarras dire rat wtf. Thark slams Uggilo in the face with the club and blood spews everywhere. Troglodyte retaliates and failed miserably. Then Uggilo steps up and knocks Thark unconscious. Lester casts hold person on Uggilo and freezes him in place. Keno smacked Uggilo. Quest flamed one troglodyte and Kevin bit the other one. Then Knarra kills off #1. Nigel coup de gras’d Uggilo. Lester hit the last little dude and kills it!! Queck heals Thark regretfully. She preferred to go loot bodies. Lester heals Thark 3 times and brings Thark back to health. Nothing was found on the giant alligator. Lester picks up a scroll of moderate wounds and an exceptional mace. Knarra gets some leather armor, 5 javelins and an unholy symbol. Thark chops off the head of one of the troglodytes and finds a baby mace. After exploring another room in the cavern Nigel opens a chest and finds some pearls that Queck steals. Queck also gets some jade and other things. Down another passage we discover the fungi. There is a fence and beyond it an area where two things stand with 4 tentacles. Knarra shoots an arrow in and misses. Thark runs in and attacks violet fungus #2 with toxic tentacles and is attacked by opportunity. Thark swings and hits. Lester gets a critical hit but because he was drunk he failed and simply hit. Kenzo moves in and slashes a tentacle. Nigel shoots Lester in the back with an arrow and he is seriously damaged. then seems to feel sorry for it. Keno was attacked again. Queck approaches and provokes 2 attacks but they miss. Queck tries an attack but fails. Knarra summons another dire rat who fails to cause any damage. Thark squishes the violet fungus and kills it. Lester shot and hit one of the fungus. Nigel shoots and hits another. Queck misses and Kevin bites it and hurts ittttt. Knarra hits #1 with poison dart and then the dire rat kills it off. Thark swings and misses and then bites #3 and injures it. Lester swings and hits an hurts it. Then Kenzo finishes it off. Knarra searches the room and identifies a few hallucinogenic mushrooms… TO BE CONTINUED

The Lady's Light
Lester has a sex change

Knarra proposes a nap before climbing down into the black hole of the tower. We keep watch one by on e and with the everburning torch and wake after about 8 hours. Nigel ties 150ft of rope together and ties off one end to the pillar and then tosses the rope into the abyss. Kenzo climbs down and experiences weightlessness in addition to not being able to see or hear and climbs back up to tell the crew. Lester gives no fucks and climbs down without the torch. Kenzo follows. Lester sees a large marble room. The pillar statues are jumping up and down trying to get back up to their original station. The rest of the group follows. Queck detects magic coming from a sarcophagus depicting a beautiful woman with her arms crossed. Kenzo attempts to open the sarcophagus. The cover must weigh 100’s of pounds, but he manages to uncover it and unveils the woman depicted on the cover. She does not appear dead at all and looks more to be sleeping. The aura of necromancy is strong. Down a passage to the right of the tomb is a river running eastward. Theres a beach with two skiffs on it but they are too far up river so we decide to explore the other hallway we had passed. We approach another door that depicts the woman we uncovered in the sarcophagus binding various succubi in different ways. Kenzo and lester try opening the door but there are no handles. Nigel, as usual, pushes bread into the center panel of the door and the door actually opens. Magical letters appear as the entire group is taken by surprise at Nigel having actually done something with his bread. The letters that have appeared read “Someone is bound to the light for all ages”.

Lester proposes that the group gets the boats ready beyond the door. Then we open the sarcophagus, poke the woman inside of it and if she wakes up we will run down the hall, jump into the boats and get away. Queck replies “It’s a terrible plan, but lets do it!”


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