The Lady's Light

Lester has a sex change

Knarra proposes a nap before climbing down into the black hole of the tower. We keep watch one by on e and with the everburning torch and wake after about 8 hours. Nigel ties 150ft of rope together and ties off one end to the pillar and then tosses the rope into the abyss. Kenzo climbs down and experiences weightlessness in addition to not being able to see or hear and climbs back up to tell the crew. Lester gives no fucks and climbs down without the torch. Kenzo follows. Lester sees a large marble room. The pillar statues are jumping up and down trying to get back up to their original station. The rest of the group follows. Queck detects magic coming from a sarcophagus depicting a beautiful woman with her arms crossed. Kenzo attempts to open the sarcophagus. The cover must weigh 100’s of pounds, but he manages to uncover it and unveils the woman depicted on the cover. She does not appear dead at all and looks more to be sleeping. The aura of necromancy is strong. Down a passage to the right of the tomb is a river running eastward. Theres a beach with two skiffs on it but they are too far up river so we decide to explore the other hallway we had passed. We approach another door that depicts the woman we uncovered in the sarcophagus binding various succubi in different ways. Kenzo and lester try opening the door but there are no handles. Nigel, as usual, pushes bread into the center panel of the door and the door actually opens. Magical letters appear as the entire group is taken by surprise at Nigel having actually done something with his bread. The letters that have appeared read “Someone is bound to the light for all ages”.

Lester proposes that the group gets the boats ready beyond the door. Then we open the sarcophagus, poke the woman inside of it and if she wakes up we will run down the hall, jump into the boats and get away. Queck replies “It’s a terrible plan, but lets do it!”



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