The Few versus The Many

The group made their way across the open chasm to the platform and found a hidden trap door that led upwards to a previously unknown area. As the group climbed into the corridor above the platform, Nigel informed the group he would be staying behind. The group tried to get him to cross over to the platform and join them, but Nigel wouldn’t budge on the issue. With a collective sigh, the remaining four members of the party moved on and soon came upon more of the Tower Girls. Lester used his spell Ghost Sounds in an attempt to make their party sound larger and help Thark in his attempt to intimidate the enemy, but to no avail.

This failure caused Thark to go into a rage as he then ran into the room to attack the enemies he saw before him. Closing the distance quickly, Thark slammed his flail into one of the large rats, decimating the creature and sending body parts flying everywhere in a spray of blood. At this point, the error in his actions was discovered, as the two remaining visible enemies quickly became ten. The Tower girls had Thark surrounded.

Kenzo jumped into the fray in an effort to help Thark, but was too far away so only managed to close the distance a bit. “Soon,” he probably thought just before a crossbow bolt from one of the Tower Girls in the far corner critically injured him and sent him collapsing to the floor.

Queck was next into the fray, sending her axebeak companion Kevin into battle. Kevin and Thark stood toe to toe and trading blows with several of the Tower Girls.



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