Meet Lockerbee

go thru door to hall to door. all three creatures attack thark. one does fire damage. Kenzo moves up and punches and injures. Thark attacks and kills one of the gross deformed creatures. Knarra throws acid dart and it hits. Lester misses with 2 shots. Nigel plans to “shoot it in the fuckin face” but takes a horrible shot in the ear and still manages to kill it. Queck misses but Kevin barely hits the creature banking on the benefits it gained from the pillar. The creature fights back and fatigues Kevin but Queck is heartbroken. Thark finally kills the thing.
The room has stone tables with cages on them. Three of them appear to have been wrenched openand the others contained skeletal remains of the creatures we had just killed. Lester convinces Thark that there are shineys beyond the door and Thark tries to slam his way through the door unsuccessfully. Queck chills the door and then Thark is able to make a hole through the door. Queck casts light on a tooth and throws it through the opening to get a glimpse of what lies beyond. We see a plaque. After a long effort Thark is able to beat the door down and we pass through. We walk to another door and it is open. We walk down a long hallway covered with stalactites. We walk into the cave and encounter water. Nigel walks through the water and throws a rope back to drag Knarra back through the water. we explore the room. A gray ooze starts attacking from the water where Queck is searching. Queck is damaged. Knarra summons a dolphin to attack the ooze. The dolphin hits and hurts the ooze. Thark hits it with his club and hurts it. Queck lays flailing in its grip and Kenzo rips her out and pulls her to safety. Kevin and Nigel both attack the ooze and it gets hurt. THen the dolphin gets attacked by th ooze and it screams in pain as acid eats through its skin. The dolphin attacks back and then Knarra hits it with crossbow and it dies!!
We circle back around finding nothing else in the room. We come across double doors and open them to fins a room full of water with stas leading down into the water. Lester summons keyboards. Nigel fails to intimidate the creatures. Kenzo decides its a good ides to jump in the water and start swimming just after Knarra stifs the water up a bit. Lester warms up the keuboards. Kenzo is attacked by three creatures. He gets fucked up and is “sickened and filled with rage” Knarra uses burning hands and hits all three creatures and halves their strength, unfortunatesly Kenzo is also hit. Kenzo tries to escape and is attacked again. He floats to the surface of the water as he nears death. Finally the crew starts paying attention and plans a rescue mission. Nigel leaves his pack behind and jumps in the water and swims to battle. His armor protects him from injury. Thark sinks after jumping in the water but swings his mace under water and kills one creature and damages another! Knarra fails to hit with arrow. Nigel reluctantly drops his bow in teh water and fails to use his trident to save Kenzo. Thark becomes an epic swimmer and flies out of the water THEN he raises his club midair and comes down on the creature and blows him into particles. Lester manages to attack one of the remaining. Creature attacks Nigel and Knarra jumps in to defend him but fails. Nigel finally kills it. Thark grabs Nigel and Kenzo together and drag them out of the water to safety. Lester brings Kenzo back to life and restores health to Nigel. Knarra fails to swim afcross the pool and Kenzo saves knarra. Nigel manages to save himself although he almost ddrowned. We cross the water and enter a chamber where we hear singing. we see a sewer thing we walk around it. One of the creatures jumps in teh water as we approach. Creature talks to us and asks for a favor. He wants us to find a sunken ship with a brooch on it and return the brooch to his wife Liza Jane adn tell her her husband is dead. They’re doing experiments on people. We can get past the flammable and toxic gas via a balcony in exchange for helping him return the brooch. He will fight with us. His name is Lockerbee. Liza lives in Magnamar. The party returns to the room with the water crossing forest with Lockerbee in tow. Thark brings a corpse with him and cooks it and eats it and Lockerbee watches the people who are on watch the entire night…



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