July 30th

A: Sold shit in town
B: Bought a Wand of Cure Light Wounds
C: Entered the tower again
D: Discovered the open window where the tower girls were dumping the corpses of their fallen
E: Encountered two Donkeyrats and quickly killed them
F: Found two casks of Whiskey, and some boxes of spices
G: Queck gave both Kenzo and Lester a cask
H: Discovered a phallic shaped room with a double door protected by magic. The doors had the words “Listen” and “The Eyes” on them.
I: Lester stealthfully moved to another door and found the leader a Tower Girls Sergeant, a donkey rat, and another Tower Girl arguing with each other.
J: Queck and her Axebeak Kevin charged into the room and quickly dispatched the Donkeyrat.
K: Kenzo and Thark went into the room, Thark having gone Super Saiyan.
L: Kenzo hit the Sergeant Tower Girl in the shoulder with his silvered axe, just before Thark crushed her into the ground with his flail.
M: The other tower girl quickly surrendered after seeing her leader killed so quickly before her eyes.
N: Sadly, Thark was still in a mad rage and charged the captive Tower Girl, grabbing her and feeling her skull crunch in his jaws.
O: Thark then charged the magical doors, pounding on them before the pain of the magical ward snapped him out of his rage.
P: The remainder of the group discovered a secret room and Lester found a pendant that he then donned.



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